Hotel Villa Kokomo
In Playa Hermosa,
Guanacaste Costa Rica


Playa Hermosa Hotel Villa Kokomo is a small Budget Hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
Villa Kokomo is a 20 minute drive from the Liberia International Airport.


Playa Hermosa's Hotel Villa  Kokomo is a small American owned  Boutique Hotel for singles and couples. Secluded and nestled on a hillside with Ocean, Valley and Volcano Views just a few minutes from Beautiful Playa Hermosa Beach.

Villa Kokomo is the right place to stay for those on a budget, or just wanting to save money, yet still want a clean, comfortable room with Cable TV, Air Conditioning and more for their vacation dollar.

Villa Kokomo is for people that like to lay back, relax and enjoy the view.

Playa Hermosa is perfect to use as a "base of operation" for travelers with a car that plan on Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Golfing, Sightseeing or visiting any of the 5 Local National Parks and want a nice quiet place to relax at the end of the day.
If you're going to spend your vacation just sitting on the beach, stay at the beach. Villa Kokomo is a 10 minute walk uphill from the beach.

This is a poor video, taken on a cloudy day, with a camera that makes most everything look smaller and farther away than what it really is.
But you might be able to get an idea of what the view is like from the rooms at Villa Kokomo



Villa Kokomo is not for everyone, we don't try to be and we don't want to be.
The list below will tell you if you are Villa Kokomo kind of people!!


Don't Stay at Villa Kokomo if you like to:

Stay at Villa Kokomo if you like to:

1)   Pay $100 or More per Night

1)   Pay $50 or Less per Night - Tax Included.  See our Rates

2)   Have Some Stranger Clean Your Room Everyday

2)   Have Your Room Left Alone - Unless Requested

3)   Bring Small Children with You

3)   Not Have Small Children Running Around

4)   Swim in a Pool

4)   Swim in the Ocean

5)   Practice Your Spanish

5)   Speak English

6)   Pay $2 to $4 for a Beer

6)   Buy Beer at the store and Keep it in Your Own Refrigerator

7)   Feel Like A Hotel Guest

7)   Feel Like You're Visiting Friends in Costa Rica

8) Stay at a Pre-Packaged All Inclusive Resort

8) Make Your Own Choices, with Help if Needed

9) Enjoy Manicured Surroundings with Plants Not From This Area

9) Enjoy Costa Rica Surroundings as they Really Are

10) Stay at a Hotel, that's just that - A Hotel

10) Stay at a Hotel that's a bit different. Click Here to see why

11) Book a Tour from Someone Concerned about their Commission

11) Book a Tour or Fishing Trip from Someone Concerned about You

12) Enjoy the View OF your Room

12) Enjoy the Gorgeous View FROM your Room


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